What are Some Wedding Alternatives for Tossing Rice

Need some ideas for the traditional rice tossing for your wedding this year? Take into consideration these modern twists.
1. Lavender buds
2. Have your guests ring silver bells.
3. Bright festive sparklers
4. Birdseed
5. Petals
6. Confetti
7. Bubbles
8. A live butterfly release
Follow these tips to make sure your departure goes off without a hitch.
Budget tip:
* Not every single person needs something to toss. Buy only enough tossing materials for guests you know will be at the ceremony.
* Organizing:
Arranging your tossing materials in a pretty basket, bowl or tray a few days before your wedding. Put a bridesmaid in charge of distributing the tossing favors to guests.
* Photo tip:
Tossing petals or anything else will create a memorable and beautiful moment, make sure the photographer is there to capture it by putting it on your shot list.
reference from: Isle Dash


Today I wanted share in some excitement. I (FancieStrands) has been accepted to sell at Wedzu. "It is a brides wish come true." with all of the handmade items, it makes me wish I could start a handmade bride service. That's a thought! Maybe one day. Anyway, I am thrilled to be a part of Wedzu and among other fabulous handmade artists that specialize in bridal and wedding accessories. Last night I filled out all of the essentials and listed my first three items. Tomorrow you can bet I will be listing more in my shop. Its a great layout, not overly saturated and its easy to list your items. My shop looks really good and I am so fired up to get my bridal hair accessories seen by only brides. That is who they are for. If any of you are into making bridal and wedding items...... Check it out!

New Bridal Hair Fancies on Etsy

I just finished these romantic bridal hairpins. All of them are beautiful with a veil to add interest and texture. So if you are wondering what you can do to a basic veil for your wedding, these flower hairpins are a wonderful addition. Each one is unique and handmade by me for FancieStrands.

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Be My Valentine from Indie Spotting

                     {Be My Valentine} Romantic Pink Satin Beaded Hairclip

Fancie, Fun and Flirty Hair Accessories for Girls of all ages from FancieStrands.

Give Your Sweetheart: Romantic Pink Satin Beaded Hairclip ~ $10

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Appendicitis Attack

Today I am recovering from an acute appendicitis attack! YUK! I was hit on Saturday of last week and Sunday in the operating room. Talk about pain.... it happened within 10 min. Very strange. I am doing well and getting more mobile everyday. I did manage to list some new items in my Etsy shop that I wanted to share them with you. With Spring weddings around the corner I made these two beautiful "Bridal Headbands". They would be gorgeous with a veil attached also.  Wishing everyone a great week.

Tissue Paper Kissing Ball Tutorial

A perfect Valentine project to do when you are snowed in and watching your favorite TV program or chic flick!
The Idea Room


What about Facebook?

Well I finally got my Facebook page for FancieStrands up an running. I would love some followers. So please give me some love and like me. I cant wait to get my custom url.

My First Bridal Facinator

Today I listed my first official, truly handmade "Bridal Fascinator" in my Etsy shop. I have to say it turned out beautiful. I hand cut all of the satin for the flower petals, singed them, sewed them together and added rhinestone to the centers and goose feathers nestled in the sides. The three flowers sit in tulle on a clear hair comb. I loved doing this and I wish I was getting married again. {Of course to the same man, you ask} I would love to hear your thoughts. 

A Fancy Styleboard on Kaboodle

This is my first Styleboard for FancieStrands on Kaboodle. I would love to hear what you think.
Fancie your...
Fancie your... by fanciestrands

New Fancy Accessories

Today I added some new Fancies to my Etsy shop. I made two new headbands out of mens neckties and rolled fabric flowers and a pretty feather fascinator. I love the necktie headbands and they are non-slip style with a very comfortable elastic band. Have a look....

Sunday Blog Hoppin'

Brassy Apple: DIY Sweater pillows - cozy up!

Look at these great winter pillows made from recycled sweaters. They look so cozy and inviting. I have so many sweaters hanging around that could use a new life. Bet you do to. This is a full tutorial on how to make these cozy babies. Check it out at the Brassy Apple.

Casual Fashion Looks I love

Just My Style
Just my style...Fashionable and Casual at the same time. I want one of each please....

                                      Just My Style by FancieStrands

Preparing for 2011- Free Printable Calender

I am ready for 2011 and all the great things I want to accomplish. To start with, I need a new 2011 calender and a pretty one to make it more interesting to fill in and keep me motivated. I found a great FREE printable calender through Tip Junkie. Ella from Switcheroom is the one to thank for this 2011 calender. Now all I need is to get out my card stock, print it and I think I will embellish it with some pretty colored ribbons too. So get on over and print yours too, and get ready for 2011. Happy New Year to you!

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