How to Protect your Privacy on Etsy

Talk about bad PR. Etsy is getting it right now after a unannounced change to its privacy policy just to make it more of a social place like Facebook. They now expose buyers' and sellers' real names, their reviews, favorites, and shopping histories. You had to be aware of this in order to opt out. Yes, that privacy change caused members' shopping preferences and histories to be linked to their real name in Google searches. Ouch! This explains the random notices about being added to a user's "circle." It also explains why some shoppers, like the woman whose sex-toy purchase now appears "right after her online resumes," are so up in arms. Wonder why?
So if you want to opt out {I did} - here's how: Thanks to EtsyBitch

Log in to Etsy

1.Click “Settings” on the left top sidebar

2.Choose the “Privacy” tab

3.You have three decisions to make (who can see your favorites, who can see your purchases, and can people search for your email). Be sure to click the update button on the bottom.

•To change your ‘real name’ on file, click “Profile” in the left sidebar while logged in to your account.

reference from: New York New and Features

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  1. I'm not an Etsy user (I sell on Storenvy, it's how I found your blog!) but this is sooo wrong! I think they are trying to follow in Storenvy's footsteps and create a more social platform for their users - but they missed the mark a bit. :-\


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