The Girl Creative: Meet & Greet Saturday

The Girl Creative: Meet & Greet Saturday: "Welcome to this week's segment of Meet & Greet Saturday. In your free time, please visit our fabulous sponsors! :) Stella & Dot Jewelry Un..."

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Upcycling: Turn Your Worn Out Sweater Into Treasure - Gaiam Life

Is this not cute?
What a great way to recycle those old sweaters!
Turn Your Worn Out Sweater Into Treasure
                       - Gaiam Life

50 Questions for Etsy Sellers

A must Read:
Do you have a shop on Etsy? How well do you know Etsy.. and yourself as a seller? Here are 50 questions that will pick your brain, make you think, and even help you with your Etsy shop!

Check this out! Etsy on SALE

Etsy On Sale is a service for shop owners and customers. Artists now have way to manage and promote discounts and sales for their Etsy shops. Shoppers have a site where they can easily connect with Etsy sellers who are offering promotions. Its all for FREE!! I have already added my Sale items to this new site. You should to!

Is this weird? Barbie modeling

Ok, I had to find a model for my hair jewelry. Is this weird to use a Barbie head?  I kinda like the way she looks, what do you think?

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