A little bit of Romance

What a romantic way to start an evening or just dress up a basic outfit this fall.


Getting married?

I made these Luscious Hairpins for the bride to be. Red handmade  roses and whispy black feathers make these really stand out. makes me wish I could renew my vows and dress up all over again.  

Fall Flower frenzy

Im totally addicted to making these big Flower accessories.  They are great fashion pieces for the Fall. Have you made any? If so, show me!


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Summer SALES?

Grab these Summer Sale items!

Fabric Acorn Tutorial

Look at these way to cute fabric acorns from Zemphira. They are just perfect for the Fall season. I have so much fabric I could make a million of them. I wont be making a million but I will make a couple dozen in different fabrics. Visit Indie Spotting for the free tutorial on how to make these fabric acorns.

Free Tutorial @ Indie Spotting

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FREE! Child and Adult Size Chef Hat

I saw this FREE tutorial on how to make a chefs hat for kids and adults and wanted to share it with you. I know a few little people who love to cook (mine) and they would love one of these. What a great way to inspire them to get in the kitchen. Have fun making these!

You Can Make This
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