A great Place to Advertise your Handmade Shop - FREE

 This is so cool, you can upload an image of an item from your store that you want to advertise. You can get as many free blocks as you wish, as long as there is availability. When someone rolls over your block, your image will appear in the large center section with the item title and price. When someone clicks on your block, they will be taken directly to your online shop.
I took advantage of this for my Etsy shop. Its free and advertisement. I incourage you to take a look at it also. To find out more.

Come back and let me know what you thought. I love comments.

Alot To Offer At Etsy

A must Read for Etsy Sellers:

How to make money on Etsy from Inc.com

1.  Have a different product that stands out
2. Killer photos
3. Find a niche
4. Product descriptions
5. Importance of a title
6. Getting involved

Promoting your Etsy shop

Today I wanted to share with you a  place to promote your handmade goods or Etsy shop.  I have recently joined Handmade Spark and google analytics shows it. My views from here are increasing daily. This is a great site for information on Promoting and Selling your handmade goods. The Handmade Spark Blog  is where you find helpful info for selling your handmade goods, blogging info, how to host a giveaway, etc. I encourage you to check it out and take advantage of the traffic increase to your shop that you can get from this.
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